Cocktail Menu

Let us take you on a revolutionary journey of liquid and labour, as we showcase the work, life and spirit of 18th century icon, James Brindley. Starting with The Foundations, right through to The Atrium, you’ll pass through the story of Brindley’s rooms; told with a 21st century twist. Sip and savour the creations, engineered with precision by our bartending experts, as you raise a glass to the Brindley legacy…

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The Foundations


From a prohibition period to the Belle Epoque, the bartending classics that stand the test of time.

Southside Lock

Herbaceous. Citrus. Punchy.
Genever gin, green chartreuse liqueur,
sugar syrup, lime juice and fresh basil

The Clover Club

Smooth. Delicate. Fruity.
Tanqueray gin, Belsazar rosé vermouth,
rhubarb and ginger liqueur, raspberry
syrup, lemon juice and egg white

Pearl of Hibiscus

Floral. Indulgent. Flavourful.
Tanqueray No. Ten gin, hibiscus
liqueur, Lillet Blanc vermouth,
grapefruit bitters and earl grey syrup

Old Ruby

Sharp. Powerful. Impressive .
Portobello Road Gin, rhubarb and ginger
liqueur, rhubarb bitters and black pepper

Strawberry Fields

Sweet. Floral. Fizz.
Prosecco, elderflower liqueur, strawberry
liqueur and strawberry syrup



The Cuban Influence

Zesty. Lively. Refreshing.
El Dorado 5yo rum, lime, demarara
syrup and fresh mint

Bygone Porn Star

Exotic. Sweet. Elegant.
Vanilla vodka, passion fruit liqueur,
vanilla syrup, pineapple juice and fresh
passionfruit with a shot of Prosecco

Liz’s Fizz

Crisp. Clean. Fresh.
Tanqueray gin, elderflower liqueur, apple
juice, lime juice, soda water, cucumber
and fresh mint

Flaming Colada

Creamy. Rich. Tropical.
Sailor Jerry spiced rum, coconut rum,
amaretto, mango syrup, coconut purée,
pineapple juice and demarara sugar


The Residency


The residents showcase their most pioneering creations, unique in appearance and reputable by taste.

Aged After Death

Fiery. Sharp. Lively.
Four kinds of rum, barrel aged
bitters, passion fruit syrup, pineapple
juice and lime

One Night at Hemmingway’s

Bitter sweet. Citrus. Exotic.
El Dorado 5yo rum, pink grapefruit
liqueur, passion fruit syrup, apple juice,
lime juice and fresh pink grapefruit

Midnight Brewing Co.

Rich. Powerful. Smooth.
Vanilla vodka, espresso, Licor 43
and chocolate liqueur

Smoking Daisy

Powerful. Aromatic. Zesty.
Mezcal, Belsazar rosé vermouth, pink
grapefruit liqueur, agave syrup and
lime juice

Lychee 75

Tropical. Sparkling. Light.
Whitley Neill Gin, Prosecco, lychee juice
and lemon gomme

A Curious Mind

Fruity. Bright. Sweet.
Brockmans gin, fresh blueberries,
blueberry liqueur, pineapple juice, lemon
juice and basil syrup

The Ladykiller

Sweet. Fruity. Exotic.
Gosling’s rum, peach liqueur,
passion fruit syrup, apple juice
and demarara sugar

Early Signs of Greatness

Tropical. Sweet. Punchy.
Pisco brandy, mango syrup, pineapple
juice, lemon juice and egg white

Gentleman’s No. 6

Dark. Bold. Refined.
Woodford Reserve bourbon, Martell
VS cognac, Antica Formula vermouth,
Bénédictine herbal liqueur, tobacco
syrup and aromatic bitters



For the drivers and the apprentices.

Early Signs of the Thyme

Exotic. Fragrant. Citrus.
Earl Grey syrup, lychee juice, grapefruit
juice and lemonade

Elderflower Garden

Floral. Subtle. Clean.
Elderflower cordial, Seedlip Garden 108
non-alcoholic spirit, apple juice, lime
juice and cucumber


The Master’s Apprentice

Aromatic. Fruity. Sweet.
Mango syrup, passion fruit syrup, orange
juice, fresh passion fruit and basil

Jamaican Me Crazy

Tropical. Fresh. Zesty.
Caribbean rum syrup (non-alcoholic),
pineapple juice, lime juice and fresh mint



Sociable commodities to share among good company and conversation.

Brockmans Gin Carafe

Brockmans blueberry gin, blueberry
liqueur, mint sprigs, orange wedges
and tonic water


Tanqueray Gin Carafe

Tanqueray gin, pink grapefruit liqueur,
lemon thyme, pink grapefruit slices and
tonic water



Gins discovered with the same passion and love that’s gone into creating them. Representing some of the finest examples being produced in the country today.
All served tall with Britvic tonic water. Swap for Fever-Tree +60p.


Hunters Gin

Served with orange
and lemon zest

Silent Pool

Served with juniper berries and
a pear fan


Shnoodlepip Gin

Served with pink peppercorns
and pink grapefruit

City Of London Distillery

Served with juniper berries and
lemon zest

Mr Hobbs

Served with orange zest and
juniper berries

Manchester Gin

Served with orange zest and
fresh rosemary



Poetic License

Served with a grapefruit wedge
and a mint sprig

Leeds Gin

Served with lemon zest and
pink peppercorns

Masons Dry Yorkshire

Served with green cardamom
pods and orange zest


Served with basil and a
grapefruit wedge


Forest Gin

Served with grapefruit zest
and fresh rosemary

Liverpool Gin

Served with orange, a mint sprig
and a pinch of black pepper

Foxdenton 48

Served with juniper berries and
lime zest


Served with an orange wedge
and a mint sprig



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